2020 Toyota Mirai Prices, Reviews, and Pictures


If you’re in search of zero emissions transportation, a battery electric car (BEV) isn’t the only choice. In 2020, the Toyota Mirai is an electric vehicle that produces its own power through oxygen, hydrogen and a fuel cell and its sole tailpipe emission is water and vapor. This Mirai runs on hydrogen and refueling is only five minutes. The mid-sized sedan offers an extended driving distance of over 300 miles and offers an incredibly quiet and comfortable ride which can make your daily commute more pleasant. The Mirai’s availability is restricted to areas that have access the hydrogen-fueled fueling station and the range of hydrogen fueling stations is a bit shaky. Therefore, this Toyota is currently available in only two states: Hawaii and California.

What’s New for 2020?

The Mirai will continue to the model year 2020 with no significant modifications.

Pricing and Which One to Buy

Toyota provides the Mirai in one trim that is well-equipped and has a lot of features. All models are fitted with 17-inch wheels. They also come with exterior features including auto-LED headlights, daylight running lights and heated power-adjustable rear mirrors. Inside the cabin you’ll find heated, power-adjustable front seats, keys for ignition and entry, faux leather upholstery as well as a heated steering column as well as a tilt-and-telescoping column. The Mirai is standard with a plethora of driver assistance features that include features like adaptive cruise control and blind-spot monitor.

Powertrain, Range, and Performance

2020 Mirai is a zero emission vehicle that is powered by a fuel-cell electric motor. The setup produces the power of 151 horses and 247 pounds of torque. Direct-drive with one speed sends energy to front wheel. If you’re tired of the lengthy wait times that is a component of the process of charging an EV on a regular basis You’ll be pleased with the Mirai. The Toyota can be charged in just the time of a hydrogen fueling station. According to the EPA puts the Mirai’s drive distance at 312 miles. While the Mirai was able to go from 0 at 60 mph to zero in moderately slow 8.9 seconds in our time on the race track, it is adequately powered for urban driving. The Mirai’s smooth ride makes bumpy roads more manageable. The suspension is adjusted to keep jolts and bumps away.

Fuel Economy and Real-World MPG

As per EPA estimates according to EPA estimates, the 2020 Toyota Mirai achieves mileage of 67/67 MPGe for highway and city usage. It is within the same range with Honda’s Honda Clarity Fuel Cell (68/67 MPGe). In our testing with the Mirai it was able to show an average of 57 MPGe.

Interior, Comfort, and Cargo

The cabin of the Mirai is cozy and serene The seats at the front provide a relaxing experience. The overall design for the interior is pleasing enough. The dash features shimmering metallic accents, and the center stack is angled, which looks elegant and modern. The interior, however, isn’t as luxurious as you’d expect, considering that the Mirai starts at close to $60,000. Toyota’s Mirai offers thirteen cubic feet of space inside its trunk. This makes it a more spacious alternative to it’s counterpart, the Honda Clarity Fuel Cell (12 cubic feet) with regard to the capacity to haul cargo. The rear seats aren’t foldable flat, so this model isn’t the ideal choice for those who plan to carry large items.

Infotainment and Connectivity

The Mirai is loaded with an array of appealing tech features, however there are some significant shortcomings. Informationtainment features the 7.0-inch touchscreen as well as a Wi-Fi hotspot that allows passengers and you access to internet. Each model comes with top-quality 11-speaker JBL audio system and an integrated navigation system. Sirius XM satellite radio and USB connectivity are standard together with Bluetooth phone connectivity and streaming music. However, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto functionality aren’t provided.

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