2020 Volvo S90 Prices, Reviews, and Pictures


A striking design demonstrates Volvo’s 2020 Volvo S90’s spot in the premium sedan lineup and differentiates it from other models. The elegantly simple interior offers a stylish, comfortable and spacious surroundings that are suitable for commutes in the city as well as long-distance travel. The S90 comes with cutting-edge driver assistance features that are in line the Volvo tradition of safety. Two powertrains are available that are both unusual. The T6 inline-four can be supercharged and turbocharged, while the plug-in hybrid T8 offers more power thanks to the combined electric motor and gasoline engine and a practical electric-only range of driving. We’ve noticed that the handling and ride a far cry from that of other models however, we’re not yet tested the updated 2020 R-Design that promises to provide more driver-focused responsiveness. Volvo’s safety-focused approach combines with its unique design and comfort, giving the S90 wide appeal.

What’s New for 2020?

The previous T5 powertrain has been eliminated off the S90 range, while a brand-new R-Design package is a more sporty approach to the larger sedan. Our experience was that the T5’s turbocharged inline-four of 250 horsepower often felt stretched when pushing this weight which is why it’s a minor difference that the basic engine is now a 312-hp T6. It also means that all S90s have all-wheel drive as it was the T5 used to be the first front-driver model in the range. The R-Design is replacing the exterior chrome with black trim, and features new rear and front designs, as well as a selection of other features. Similar to other 2020 Volvos that are available, the 12.3-inch digital driver’s display is normal, and haptic feedback is applied to the steering wheel whenever you turn off the Pilot Assist semi-autonomous mode of driving is removed (that means that you have to assume steering duties again) Also, the battery that comes with the plug-in hybrids of all T8 models has been upgraded to a bigger 11.6-kWh battery (up from 10.6) Autobraking is available with cross-traffic alert technology.

Pricing and Which One to Buy

Although our drivers who are passionate about the car are excited by the possibility of an engaging and enjoyable experience with R-Design T6, we believe that in R-Design T6, there’s a greater value for buyers who are looking for luxury features with the updated packaging of the basic Momentum which is why that’s the model we suggest.

Engine, Transmission, and Performance

The powertrain’s base is supercharged and turbocharged four-cylinder that is known as T6. In our T6 Inscription test vehicle ran from 0-60 speed in 5.9 seconds. But it’s not the fastest S90. The 400-hp plug-in hybrid version launched last year, and was a roaring success on the test track to match results from that of the six-cylinder BMW 560i xDrive (4.5 second) during our testing from zero to 60 mph however, on the roads, we saw some intermittent hiccups while using with the hybrid engine. If you give the gas pedal on the S90 with a quick push and you’ll experience an instant delay followed by a rapid period of acceleration, as the gasoline engine starts to help in the electrical motors. In more relaxed driving the issue is not usually an issue.

The handling is smooth and gives an air of sportiness that Genesis G90 and the BMW 7-series do not have. It’s an experience that doesn’t feel like the texture of terry cloth or velvet and the rough roads emit more vibrations to the cabin than the softly springy G90 and 7-series, especially when the S90 comes with the optional 20-inch wheels. The steering has a hefty feeling, but it’s not as precise or precise as it could be, which can degrade the perception of athleticism in the S90.

Fuel Economy and Real-World MPG

On our real-world highway fuel economy test route the T8 hybrid produced 32 mpg, beating out its predecessor, the T6 Inscription version we tried by just 1 milliliter. It is worth noting that we were not able to use the S90’s 21-mile electric only range on this highway trip because the system switches to the gasoline engine in a sequence at highway speeds.

Interior, Comfort, and Cargo

The cabin of the S90 is its most striking characteristic. The combination of premium materials, including open-pore wooden flooring, authentic leather polished metal and finely grained plastics — come together in an aesthetically pleasing and unquestionably modern environment. The front seats, which are adjustable to 14 positions that we used in the Inscription test car were comfortable and will fit most body types. The S90 does not have the features that we’ve come to expect in this class, however. A manual steering column makes a surprising–and disappointing–appearance, as nearly all of the Volvo’s rivals offer power adjustments.

The S90 sedan is designed to meet the requirements of most drivers. The models that have the rear seatback that folds down provide a large cargo space. Are you looking for more equipment to carry around? Look into the V90 the S90’s wagon-bodied cousin.

Infotainment and Connectivity

Its S90 is as well-connected like its competitors and is heavily dependent on its touchscreen for infotainment to manage a variety of functions. Every S90 comes with the 9.0-inch touchscreen for infotainment that is located at the center on the instrument panel. To alter basic functions like the heated seats, or to use the optional head-up display, users has to interact with the system. It’s becoming part of the premium-brand model and certain models are easier to use than other. The S90’s system is simple to use, however the driver will face to learn before becoming confident enough to alter settings at the touch of a button. The S90 comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, which allows users to seamlessly connect with their phones.

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