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Chelsea’s new shirt sponsor has ‘leaked’ in today’s media video after closing a £40m deal

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Chelsea’s new shirt sponsor appears to have been leaked in a video released as part of the club’s media day.

Chelsea’s home and away kits for the upcoming campaign, worn in pre-season, do not currently have a major sponsor.

The Blues ended their partnership with the Three mobile giants at the end of the 2022/23 season and released a strip without sponsorship, containing only the Nike symbol and the Chelsea crest.

A deal with was said to be on the cards but criticism by fans and supporter groups meant that it never materialised.

However, it looks like Chelsea’s men’s and women’s teams will have a sponsor very soon.

Daily Mail Chelsea says they have agreed a £40m-a-year deal with… Infinite Athlete, a new US technology company.

Pictures of the Media Day recently surfaced on social media and it appears presenter Olivia Buzaglo is sporting a different jersey – many believe it has the Infinite Athlete logo front and center.

photo: Twitter/@RikiJerarquia
photo: Twitter/@RikiJerarquia

The shirt is folded over Buzaglo’s arm, which means the logo is not very visible. But the subtle hint of the crest and the letters ‘EE’ is enough to get plenty of Chelsea fans excited.

Chelsea are preparing to officially debut their new home shirt, complete with sponsor, in their season opener with Liverpool at Stamford Bridge on Sunday.

Photo: Infinite Athlete
Photo: Infinite Athlete

The company is a new startup and only launched this month. With a peek into the future and using artificial intelligence, it will provide affordable player data to clubs and allow fans to view games from different camera angles.

However, it has been shown that Chelsea’s owners, Clearlake Capital, have links with The telegraph

They say the value of the deal will be governed by the Premier League’s fair market value rules.

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