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How do FPL Reward Points work?

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There are a lot of rules in Fantasy Football, but one of the hardest to understand is how bonus points work. Let’s explain.

It’s that time of year when every football fan can pick their own team ahead of the Premier League season, which kicks off with Burnley and Manchester City on Friday night.

With a budget of £100m and over 573 players to choose from, over 11m people sign up each year to play the popular game against friends, family and colleagues or simply to test their knowledge.

But how much bonus points should affect who you choose for your team?

Basically, the game’s Bonus Point System (BPS) uses a combination of statistics obtained through Opta to create a performance score for each player.

It is a staple of the scoring process and is allocated to the top three BPS players, with three points awarded to the highest scoring player, two points to the second-best and one point to the third.

But how are they calculated? Fortunately, the Fantasy Premier League website He detailed all the scenarios where players receive points or get demoted.

Play from 1 to 60 minutes – 3

Playing more than 60 minutes – 6

Goalkeepers and defenders – 12

Midfielders score a goal – 18

Forwards score a goal – 24

Goalkeepers and defenders keep 12 clean sheets

Occasional for successful open play – 1

Create a big chance (a chance where the receiving player must score) – 3

For every 2 clearances, blocks and interceptions (total) – 1

For every 3 recoveries – 1

Successful tackle (net *) – 2

Scoring the match winning goal – 3

70-79% completion success (at least 30 passes attempted) – 2

80 to 89% completion success (at least 30 passes attempted) – 4

90%+ completion success (at least 30 passes attempted) – 6

Missing a great opportunity -3

A foul leads to a goal – -3

Making a mistake leads to an attempt to achieve the goal – -1

Falling offside – -1

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