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How Man United missed out on signing Moises Caicedo for just £4.5m three years ago

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Manchester United could have signed Moises Caicedo for £4.5m amid his proposed British record move to Liverpool.

Caicedo has been the subject of intense transfer speculation this summer, with Chelsea and Arsenal keeping him in check.

But Liverpool appear to be closing in on signing the 21-year-old, after Brighton accepted their whopping £110m bid.

The star midfielder enjoyed an impressive campaign last season making 37 Premier League appearances, cementing his budding reputation.

Liverpool are set to get his luxury services ahead of the new season, but he could have been a Manchester United player a few years ago.

Athletic have claimed the Red Devils could have signed Caicedo for £4.5m when they were initially interested in him in 2020.

During that period, he was playing in Ecuador for Independiente del Valle, but Man United walked away from the deal, with Brighton moving on and taking him on.

Moises Caicedo plays for Brighton.  Photo: Getty
Moises Caicedo plays for Brighton. Photo: Getty

Man United pulled out of the deal due to concerns about the high agent fee they would have to pay to land Caicedo.

Of course, the decision proved disastrous, with the player taking home £110m in 2023.

Man United will start recruiting in the likes of Casemiro, Christian Eriksen and Mason Mount, who joined this summer.

Caicedo won both Brighton’s Player of the Year and Player of the Season awards after an impressive campaign last season.

How will he perform in Liverpool? Let us know what you think.

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