How To Be Successful In Life: 9 Steps

No matter how old you are, where you live or what your career goals are, the basic life goal of everyone is to be happy and successful. Read this article to learn how to succeed in your outer life (ie your relationships) and inner life (ie emotional well-being).

Achieve external success

Jak být v životě úspěšní: 9 Kroků (s obrázky) – wikiHow

Identify your passions. Before you can succeed, you need to define what success means to you. While it may take years to realize what you want to do with your life, identifying your passions, interests, and values ​​will help you set goals and give your life meaning. Ask yourself the following questions:

What do you want to leave behind?

How would you like to be remembered by others?

How do you want to make your company a better place?

What are your subjects of interest?

Jak být v životě úspěšní: 9 Kroků (s obrázky) – wikiHow

Make a list of your goals and what you should do to achieve them. Be sure to include both short-term and long-term goals; try to think about financial / career goals.

Consider which subjects you enjoyed studying at school and why. This can help you get an idea of ​​what you might be best at or what might interest you the most.

Jak být v životě úspěšní: 9 Kroků (s obrázky) – wikiHow

Live efficiently. To achieve your dreams and be the person you want to be. You will need to start paying attention to your activities. Ask yourself, will what I do guide me to where I want to be in life?

If you find yourself bored all the time, dreaming about the future or the past, or counting down the minutes before the end of the day, it’s probably the jury that you feel unconnected with what you’re doing. Consider changing your career or field to a field you are interested in, but remember that this may mean changes you have not thought about. Is it valid enough at that place? Is this something that may eventually start to bore you? Do I really want to take the job?

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Take care of your time. Try to spend your free time doing the things you enjoy instead of wasting time. For example, rather than spending weekends watching TV, spend them engaging in your hobbies or with your loved ones.

Remember that the term “loss of time ” is relative. Not everything you do has to be productive in the conventional sense, but it should be enjoyable and fun.

Jak být v životě úspěšní: 9 Kroků (s obrázky) – wikiHow

Educate yourself. Education gives you the knowledge, skills and credibility to reach your maximum potential. In terms of financial success, statistics show that the more education you have (ie the higher your level of education), the more money you are likely to make.

In 2011, the average weekly earnings of a high school graduate were $ 638 while those with a bachelor’s degree earned $ 1,053. Those with a master’s or doctoral degree earned $ 1263 and $ 1,551 the same year.

Not all education needs to be formal. Retraining and long-term training programs are also positively associated with higher incomes.

Jak být v životě úspěšní: 9 Kroků (s obrázky) – wikiHow

Control your finances. Learning how to manage your finances will help you ensure financial stability over time, regardless of your income.

Track your spending. Check your bank statements often and keep track of where you spent your money. If you use online banking, make sure you also keep personal records. This will help you avoid excessive spending and make sure your bank statements are correct.

Understand your income. When calculating your income, make sure you include all taxes and insurance that will be deducted from your gross salary. The resulting number is your net salary, which is what you eventually take home.

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Follow spending priorities. Your priority should be to spend money on basic necessities such as food, shelter and clothing. Don’t spend money on luxuries such as expensive clothes, cars or vacations until you have satisfied your basic needs first. Be honest with yourself and distinguish between basic needs and luxury.

Save money. You should deposit some of your money into a savings account every month. Consider asking your employer to deposit part of your income directly into your savings account.

Jak být v životě úspěšní: 9 Kroků (s obrázky) – wikiHow

Take control of your time. Postponing important tasks until the last minute can cause you unnecessary stress and increase the likelihood of errors. Take control of your time so that you have enough time to complete tasks efficiently.

Use a paper or electronic planner to help you stay organized throughout the day, week, and month.

Make a list of all the things you need to do that day and check each task when you complete it. This will help you stay organized and motivated.

Achieve external success

Jak být v životě úspěšní: 9 Kroků (s obrázky) – wikiHow

Enjoy the present moment. If you constantly cling to the past or dream of the future, you will miss the present moment. Remember that the past and the future are just illusions, and real life takes place here and now.

Start paying attention to negative thoughts so that you can learn to calm them down and enjoy the present moment. If a negative thought grows in your head, admit it, mark it as a negative thought and let it lose.

Get used to paying attention to the small details around you. Be aware of the feeling of the sun on your skin, the feeling of your feet walking on the ground, or the artwork in the restaurant where you eat. Noticing things like these will help you calm your wandering mind and realize every moment.

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Jak být v životě úspěšní: 9 Kroků (s obrázky) – wikiHow

Don’t compare your own life with the lives of other people. Unfortunately, many people measure their own success by comparing it to the success of those around them. If you want to feel great and happy, you will have to stop comparing your life with the lives of other people.

Many people tend to compare the weak points of their lives with the strong points of other people’s lives. Remember that no matter how perfect one’s life may seem, behind closed doors, everyone faces tragedies, insecurity and other difficulties.

Rather than comparing yourself to people who are “richer ” than you, think about all those people who are homeless, chronically ill, or living in poverty. This will help you appreciate what you have, instead of regretting yourself.

Jak být v životě úspěšní: 9 Kroků (s obrázky) – wikiHow

Respect what you have. No matter how much you achieve in life, you will always feel unhappy if you constantly focus on what you do not have. Instead, take a moment each day to appreciate the things you have. Think of non-material things as well; Appreciate your loved ones and don’t forget happy memories.

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