How To Cure Stretched Muscle

A stretched muscle is a muscle that is overloaded during some sport. The overloaded muscle usually swells and hurts. Stretched muscles are a common injury that you can effectively treat in the comfort of your home. In this article, you will learn how to treat a stretched muscle and how to determine if you need to see a doctor.

Immediate relief

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Let the muscle rest. If you have stretched a muscle, stop doing the activity in which you stretched it. Stretched muscles are actually torn muscle fibers. If you continue to exercise, the lacerations in your muscles will increase and you could be seriously injured.

Follow the pain you feel. If you have stretched your muscles while running or doing some sports and you have to stop and catch your breath because you are suffering from severe pain, it is best to sit down and stop moving.

Take a few days off from exercise or sports so that the muscle has enough time to recover.

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Apply ice packs to the affected muscle. If you ice up a stretched muscle, you will get rid of the pain. Take a large plastic bag and fill it with ice cubes. Wrap it in a towel so that you do not apply ice directly to the skin. Then apply the compress on the stretched muscle for 20 minutes. Apply the compress several times a day until you get rid of the swelling.

You can also use a bag of frozen vegetables or another frozen thing.

Do not use warm compresses – the heat will not reduce the inflammation in the stretched muscle, but on the contrary will make it worse.

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Tighten the muscle with an elastic bandage. When you bandage a muscle, you reduce the inflammation and keep your limb supported. Use an elastic bandage and wrap it loosely around your arm or leg.

Do not wrap the bandage too tightly to avoid cutting the blood circulation in the limb.

If you do not have an elastic bandage, take an old pillowcase, cut a long strip of cloth and use it instead of a bandage.

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Lift the stretched muscle. Lifting the affected limb will reduce the swelling and ensure that the muscle is resting.

If you have stretched a muscle in your leg, place your foot on a stool or ottoman to raise it.

If you have stretched a muscle in your arm, you can use an elbow hanger.

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Take a painkiller. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as aspirin or ibuprofen, relieve pain and allow you to move more easily. However, never take more than the recommended dose and never give aspirin to young children.

When it is necessary to see a doctor

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Watch your pain. If you let the muscle rest and put ice packs on it regularly, you should heal in a few days. However, if you suffer from severe pain that does not subside, you should see a doctor. It is possible that you have more serious injuries that need to be treated professionally.

If your doctor decides that your injury needs to be treated differently, you will probably receive a crutch or an elbow sling to keep the stretched muscle fixed. You may also receive prescription pain medications.

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In some cases, it is necessary to undergo rehabilitation or even perform surgery.

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See your doctor if you have other symptoms. Sometimes muscle pain is associated with health problems other than muscle overload. You may think that you have stretched your muscle during physical activity, but if you suffer from the following symptoms, you should see a doctor as soon as possible:

Signs of infection – itching, redness, rash.

Signs of bites or stings in the area of ​​greatest pain.

Restriction of blood circulation and numbness of the affected limb.

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If your symptoms are very severe, go to the hospital immediately . If you have any of the following symptoms in addition to muscle pain, go to an emergency immediately to find out exactly what you are suffering from:

Extreme muscle weakness

Shortness of breath, dizziness

Fever and stiff muscles in the neck

How to avoid stretching a muscle

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Don’t forget to warm up. Muscles usually stretch only when you overload them, which is often the result of extreme effort with unheated muscles. Stretch and warm up your muscles thoroughly before each workout.

If you run, you should first run slowly for a while to warm up.

If you play a team sport, you should do some common calisthenics before exercising.

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Follow a drinking regimen and drink at least 8-11 glasses of water a day. Dehydration increases the risk of muscle strain. Make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day, including training. Don’t wait until you get thirsty, it means you are already dehydrated.

If you exercise a lot, drink more water. You can also drink sports drinks, as low electrolytes can also increase the risk of muscle strain.

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Strengthen. When you strengthen and lift dumbbells, you avoid stretched muscles during physical activity. Work out at home with light dumbbells or go to the gym to have strong abdominal and back muscles. This will make your muscles more flexible.

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You should know when to stop. It’s easy to forget your time and exercise when exercising, even if your arm or leg hurts. Be aware that when you load a stretched muscle, it will be even worse. When you rip your muscle deep, you will have movement forbidden for the whole season, not just for one match!

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