How To Hide Nervousness

From time to time, each of us feels nervous – such a sweaty, shaky, hot feeling of frustration. [1] X Research source. It can appear during a job interview or, for example, while waiting for an evaluation of a written job at school. Sometimes you can show your nervousness to others who will understand and support you, which can be reassuring. But other times you may find yourself in situations where you would rather need no one to know anything about you. Fortunately, there are several ways to hide your nervousness.

Look confident

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Realize that you do not look as nervous as you feel. Keep in mind that people have no idea what’s going on in your head. Although you may show some signs of nervousness, you probably don’t look as nervous as you think.

Remember, everything is just a ‘spot light effect’ that makes you think others are looking at you more than reality. The reason is simply that you look at the whole thing from your point of view, so it can sometimes seem that everything revolves only around you.

If there are ten of you in the room, then it is likely that other people will pay their attention evenly to all the people in the room and therefore will not target you in the way that your nerves try to tell you.

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Expand your posture. This is sometimes called a position of power and involves expanding posture, giving one a sense of power, which is then reflected in the minds of observers as a sign of greater self-confidence. This idea basically uses the pretense of self-confidence to gain personal goals, and studies have shown that it really works. You feel more confident and you don’t look so nervous.

To take this position, spread your arms a little, spread apart and turn off your chest. At the same time, bend your back a little.

If possible, clean up somewhere in private, such as the bathroom, and practice this position in peace without anyone watching you.

You can expand your posture even if you have no privacy. For example, if you are sitting, stretch your legs back under the table to take up more space. Then flex your back, turn off your chest, raise your arms and join your hands behind your head.

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Take the initiative. If you are nervous during a conversation, instead of thinking about your nervousness, start concentrating on the person against you. Ask him questions like “What do you think about that? ” Or “How do you feel about that? ” It will help you concentrate on the other person instead of yourself.

Be careful not to ask too much. This could make you look nervous and insecure. After you ask a question, listen carefully and really try to understand why the other party answers in this way. The key is to divert one’s self-attention and focus on someone else.

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Look straight ahead. When you talk to someone, look at them and not somewhere in the back, at their shoes or at a nice picture on the wall. It may not be a permanent direct eye contact, but if you look at the person you are chatting with, you will not look so nervous. Avoiding eye contact is a clear sign of nervousness.

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Don’t look back. If you don’t want to look nervous, you have to stay calm. One of the signs of nervousness is constantly moving your hands, tapping your feet or playing with your hair, etc. The best way to cover your nervousness is to deny your mental strength and try to stay calm.

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Keep your body calm. Another unmistakable sign of nervousness is rocking and leaning back and forth. Instead, concentrate and stay as calm as possible. Imagine yourself as a solid, motionless pillar. Another way to prevent the body from swaying is an upright posture. Swinging and swaying your body will be much harder for you in such a firm position.

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Do not bite your nails. People who bite their nails look nervous. If you feel that you need to chew something to relieve stress or nervousness, then you better get a gum or a piece of rubber. But do it only very gently and unobtrusively, because conspicuous chewing and biting, on the other hand, would indicate your nervousness even more than biting your nails.

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Check your appearance. Your posture is radiated through your physical posture as well as the way you use your hands. There are a number of things that can affect your posture:

Hands folded behind his back. You can prevent this by trying to keep your arms at the sides of your body. But make sure they are relaxed.

Stiff holding hands on the sides of the body. You will not hide your nervousness, on the contrary. It will be clear to everyone that you are trying to disguise it by controlling the movement. If you feel tension in your arms, then this is a sign that you are holding them too stiffly.

Frequent and repeated insertion of hands into pockets. Instead, try to keep your hands in one place for a few minutes.

Switching on and off the jacket. Such behavior is completely unnecessary and will indicate your nervousness. If you want to take off your jacket, then open it. Otherwise, leave it as it is.

Reasonable touch on face or glasses. To prevent this, keep your hands away from the sides of your body.

Playing with jewelry or other items on your hands. Trying to keep your hands on the sides of your body will not force you to manipulate other things nervously.

With a little conscious effort, you can keep all these signs of nervousness under control.

Think wisely

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Evaluate what you are actually nervous about. Identify the cause of your nervousness. Think about what is happening in your life so crucial that it makes you nervous. Sometimes the answer is obvious and you have it right in front of your nose – for example, the fear of making public speeches. At other times, nervousness can stem from subtler and more hidden factors, such as expecting a university admission decision or waiting for a medical examination.

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Once you find the cause, you can start thinking about how to take it more calmly. For example, if you do not get to the university, you still have another school to choose from, or you can simply say that you will try to gain life experience and apply again in a year.

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Take a deep breath and relax. Deep breathing causes a lot of changes in the body, many of which relieve stress and nervousness. Therefore, before you speak, take a deep breath once or twice and evaluate how you feel. You will probably be less nervous and therefore will look the same.

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Always work on only one thing at a time. Nervousness often overtakes us when we realize our busy schedule. But we can only work really effectively on one thing at a time. So focus on the task you are currently working on, set clear goals and move on to the next task as soon as you reach them.

Remember that not all tasks are equal in time pressure. Therefore, make sure that you prioritize all tasks according to the importance and deadlines associated with them.

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Get out of the situation. If you’re nervous about a specific reason and can’t calm down, find out if you can get out of the situation comfortably. For example, say you need to bounce quickly or make an important call. It will give you a few minutes to calm out of sight of other people.

calm down

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Relax your muscles. Nervousness can cause tension in the body. To prevent this, relax the muscles using a technique called progressive muscle relaxation (PMR). Remember that due to its nature, you should do it in private so as not to be strange:

Take a slow, deep breath first, and then tighten a muscle group in your body, such as the neck muscles. Tighten your muscles for at least five seconds. If you feel mild discomfort and shiver a little, that’s fine.

Be careful not to clench your muscles too hard. If you experience intense, shooting pain, stop immediately.

Then exhale slowly and fully relax the muscle group you are working on. Loosen the tension and let the muscles fully relax. The muscles in the trained muscle group should now be completely relaxed. Focus on the difference in feelings when the muscles are fully tightened and when they are fully relaxed.

Hold in a relaxed position for 15-20 seconds and then move on to the next muscle group.

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Practice. Regular physical activity helps to improve mood and brings a greater feeling of relaxation. Therefore, discover some exercises that you will do with gusto and stay with it! You can go to the gym, run to the stadium, go for long walks, etc.

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To stay motivated, listen to some rhythmic and encouraging music while exercising.

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Perform relaxation techniques. There are a number of different methods to calm your mind to help you look less nervous. But remember that performing some of these techniques can make you feel more nervous, precisely because you have to use such techniques. If you do not want others to notice your nervousness, you should pursue these techniques, which evoke special feelings in you, in private.

Take a deep breath through your nose, count to five and then slowly, five seconds, exhale through your mouth. Continue this exercise until you feel calm. Then you will look less nervous.

Try to think of something else that won’t make you so nervous. Remember someone close to you who supports you, your dog or anything else that brings peace and tranquility to your head.

Visualize a calm and peaceful scenery. For example, a very quiet beach. The waves gently flow over the pebbles and return to the ocean with a pleasant, soothing roar. A seagull flies over your head at a quiet giggle. The breeze gently fans you. Try to think about such a scene as strongly as possible and accept the peace it brings.

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Perform mindfulness meditation.Mindfulness, or mindful meditation, is focusing on the present moment, which you are not trying to evaluate or judge. This is a very effective method for relieving anxiety, which will help you look less nervous. There are many ways to achieve vigilance. For example, you can be aware of the manifestations of your body without trying to evaluate them. Notice, for example, how the scar itches or how the air touches your skin. Start at the head and gradually work your way through the whole body. You can also pay attention to your senses. Focus on them: sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch. Do not evaluate the information you receive with your senses. Just let them go through your head and then let them go. You can also be vigilant about your emotions. As soon as you feel an emotion, name it – “fear”, “anxiety”, “nervousness”. Again, don’t rate them,

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Try to meditate. Meditation involves calming one’s mind and experiencing the present moment. During meditation, you can better regulate your emotions. It will help you suppress a nervous appearance. You will look much calmer. You can meditate in different ways. Although mastering the right meditation technique can take a long time and you should learn it from experts, you can try it yourself. Try guided meditation. Use as many of your five senses as possible and imagine a calming scene in your mind. You can also try mantra meditation. Quietly repeat a word or phrase in your mind. It will help you focus your mind and eliminate unwanted thoughts that cause anxiety.

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