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Jack Grealish and Jurgen Klopp have voted him one of the best stars of the Premier League

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Sky Bet asked its supporters Of all 20 clubs in the Premier League they would prefer a night out with, as well as a number of other topics in the survey, including which club is the worst and which is the biggest club in the North of England.

There is nothing surprising top of the list It was Jack Grealish. The England superstar has shown over the past few years how much he can celebrate while celebrating many of Manchester City’s victories.

got more than Fifth vote (23%) With no other player even close to challenging his first place. If you need a winger, the Manchester City striker would undoubtedly be the ultimate partner.

While he may not be in the Premier League for much longer, Harry Kane came second 10% of the votes. The England captain may be trading cheese rooms for Munich’s Tottenham Bratwurst, but while he’s still in this country’s top flight, fans think they can have a good night with him.

The bronze medal was awarded to Mohamed Salah – if the Egyptian was as fun on a night out as he is on the field, fans will be in for a cracker.

Declan Rice and Andy Robertson make up the top five With less than 8% of the vote participating. Arsenal’s new man has a reputation for being light-hearted and a bit of a fun guy, especially with his “Rice Rice Baby” rap.

Fans were also asked which manager they would like to sit down and watch a football match with.

If given the choice, fans would love to watch a football match with Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp. more than 23% of people voted for the German as the ideal partner to watch a game with.

Whether it was due to his tactical genius and deep knowledge of Gegenpress, or simply his love and passion for the game, Klopp was the perfect choice.

In second place with 18% of the vote It was Pep Guardiola. While the Catalan rarely found himself in second place, the Manchester City boss was next on the list.

Different styles couldn’t be better, with heavy metal club football and pep tikka taka style. However, it’s hard to argue that sitting down with either of them for a one-on-one football match wouldn’t be an experience.

Mikel Arteta and Erik ten Hag made up the top four in the standings with 8% of the vote. It is not surprising that the managers of the four largest teams in the English Premier League are chosen.

New Chelsea boss Mauricio Pochettino is in 11th place, just one place behind the Blues, who finished last season in the Premier League. The Argentine was behind names like Roy Hodgson, Sean Daichy and David Moyes.

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