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More Iowa State players have been charged after allegations of gambling on football games

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Among those charged Thursday were Iowa running back Gerhl Brock and former Iowa State receiver Arland Bruce.

Among those charged Thursday were Iowa running back Gerhl Brock and former Iowa State receiver Arland Bruce. (David K ​​Purdy/Getty Images)

Several Iowa and Iowa football players were charged in a state gambling investigation Thursday, including Iowa starting running back Jirehl Brock.

Brock, defensive tackle Isaiah Lee, tight end DI Shawn Hanika and offensive lineman Jacob Remsberg were all charged with record tampering Thursday as part of a larger investigation by the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation, According to the Des Moines Register. All four of those players started for the Hurricanes last season.

According to the report, Brock used an online gambling account that was not in his name but that he controlled. He allegedly placed four bets on football games at Iowa while a member of the team, including two games last season in which he played. It is unclear what bets he allegedly made specifically on those games, but they are said to have been games against Kansas State and Iowa. Brock also allegedly placed 13 bets on Iowa basketball games.

Lee placed 26 bets in 12 Iowa football games, including one he played in 2021. Lee allegedly bet on Iowa to beat Texas that season, and had one tackle in the contest. Hanika allegedly placed 70 bets on Iowa basketball games. Remsburg allegedly placed 273 bets on NCAA basketball and football games, although none of them involved Iowa.

In Iowa, there have been four current or former members of a hockey team He was also accused of tampering with records Thursday. Wide receiver Jack Johnson and alumni assistant coach Owen O’Brien were charged, along with Arland Bruce, who transferred to Oklahoma State, and Reggie Brassey, who transferred to Troy.

Bruce allegedly placed 123 sports bets through a DraftKings account he controlled, including 11 bets that were on Hawkeyes football games in which he played. Bruce allegedly bet Iowa fewer games twice, first against Northwestern—a game he actually scored late on. Hit more – and again in Iowa’s bowl game, beat Kentucky. He did not play in that game.

Barassi allegedly placed 66 bets, including in two Iowa games in which he participated. Jackson allegedly placed 380 bets through an account under his mother’s identity, including four on Iowa football games, even though he did not participate in those games. O’Brien allegedly placed 350 bets, including three on Iowa football games last season when he was on the staff.

All athletes involved who allegedly bet on their respective teams face permanent disqualification .

This wave of players is just in the investigation. Former Iowa State basketball player Aaron Bloom, former Iowa basketball player Aaron Ulis, Iowa football player Dodge Sauser, Iowa wrestler Panero Johnson and former Iowa baseball player Greg Christenson were indicted earlier this month. Former Iowa football player Iuma Owazuriki, who now plays for the Denver Broncos, has also been charged. He was suspended for the 2023 NFL season for violating the league’s gambling rules.

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