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The brave are having their dog days in a great season

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Looks like the Atlanta Braves are just getting ready for October to get here already.

Sunday night was another example of a great team looking unfocused. They held a 3-0 lead over a mostly poor New York Mets team since selling out at the trade deadline. The Mets then scored the next seven runs and won, 7-6, against Atlanta.

The Braves are 5-5 in their last 10 games. It’s easy to get distracted in August when you’re over 30 for the .500 game. The Braves still have a four-game lead over the Los Angeles Dodgers for the best record in the NL.

The good news for the Braves might be that the New York Yankees are coming to town. The Yankees’ season came to a low point on Sunday when they blew a 7-1 lead and lost to the Tampa Bay Rays after giving up five runs in the ninth inning. The Braves are -225 favourites at BetMGM for the opening of the series.

The braves were humbled for a month. They were 61-29 after their win on July 14th. They are 14-13 since then. This is one of the challenges of baseball betting: The Braves are clearly the best team in MLB, but it’s a long season, and it’s hard to expect them to win two-thirds of their games over the course of an entire season. Atlanta will probably be fine by the postseason, but betting on them as a big favorite these past few weeks was a bad idea. It’s even worse if you take them as -1.5 favorites on the running line. Those brave bets that had been turning a profit for months suddenly dried up.

It’s a scary thing to bet against the Braves, especially when they’re up against a struggling Yankees, but you might not want to bet so much on Atlanta until their great stretch passes.

Ronald Acuna Jr. and the Atlanta Braves have cooled off a bit since a great start to the season.  (Photo by Daniel Cherry/MLB Images via Getty Images)
Ronald Acuna Jr. and the Atlanta Braves have cooled off a bit since a great start to the season. (Photo by Daniel Cherry/MLB Images via Getty Images)

Here’s a first look at our sports betting list for Monday:

MLB has 9 matches

Some teams have the day off on Monday, but there is still a healthy Monday baseball schedule.

An interesting series begins in San Diego, as the Baltimore Orioles travel to take on the San Diego Padres. The Padres are back to 5.5 game in the wild card race and if they are going to make any noise they should start now. They are 130 candidates against the leading Orioles in the East.

The English Premier League is back

The English Football League season started last week and has one game on Monday afternoon. Manchester United -350 candidate on the triple line against Wolverhampton. Draws +500, wolves +950.

What’s your best bet?

The Orioles have been profitable all season, so why not ride with them again on Monday? I’ll take the O as a +120 underdog. The Padres are just an underperforming team that is unlikely to change over the rest of the season.

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